Yi-Tan Call 285: Facebook, Privacy and “Like” (summary)

Facebook keeps pushing the envelope. Love ’em or hate ’em, you have to admire their chutzpah, agility and strategic brains.

The company’s privacy adventures are already the stuff of legend and infographic, with some framing Facebook itself as the most ambitious phishing scheme ever and others starting a “leave Facebook movement” that hasn’t really caught fire. Ah, the excitement.

Between opening up everyone’s data (the Open Graph) and crafty features such as the “Like” button, Facebook is trying to make itself a permanent part of the tech infrastructure. Maybe we should watch the movie or read the book.

With our awesome colleague Al Chang, let’s discuss:

  • What is Facebook’s strategy? What is the end game they seek?
  • Why don’t people seem to care so much about their privacy?
  • What’s the genius behind Facebook’s Like feature? What’s the Open Graph?

Here’s the podcast: Facebook, Privacy and “Like”

You can also download the podcast: here.


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