Yi-Tan Call 283: Speed Round 2010 (summary)

We haven’t done a Speed Round call in a long time, so let’s have a quick, broad conversation on a series of topics that are top of mind these days, such as the effects of the Gulf oil spill, Facebook’s privacy (mis)adventures, the iPad’s repercussions, a flurry of Android phones (and more!) and Venter’s artificial critter (ok, not quite a critter yet).

Have strong opinions on any of these? Jump in!

Together, let’s discuss:

  • Where might the oil spill saga go next? nuke it?!?
  • How do you feel about your privacy online? Have you acted on it?
  • Has the iPad eclipsed other e-readers, or is there hope?

Here’s the podcast: Speed Round 2010

You can also download the podcast:  here.


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