Yi-Tan Call 281: Buddha’s Brain (summary)

We don’t have enough Yi-Tan calls about well-being.

Now, with neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, co-author of Buddha’s Brain, we have a wonderful opportunity to make up for lost time — or just not suffer about it and enjoy our new landscape.

It turns out that Buddhism mixes nicely with neuroscience. Neurons that fire together wire together. Why choose to strengthen the neural pathways of suffering? Instead of suffering Paper Tiger Paranoia, we can consciously wire ourselves toward Natural Happiness.

With Rick, let’s discuss:

  • Why do we get stuck in negative thought spirals?
  • How does our brain’s wiring and chemistry contribute to this?
  • What practical things can we do to enhance our well-being?

Here’s the podcast: Buddha’s Brain

You can also download the podcast:  here.


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