Yi-Tan Tech Call 280: Social Media Storytelling (summary)

(This invite text from Michael Margolis, our guest.)

Are you conflicted about social media? Many of us are.

You know it’s a total game-changer. And yet, social media probably leaves you overwhelmed, confused and even a little freaked out. We’re afraid of becoming a social media douchebag: the loud, obnoxious person who bothers people with irrelevant nonsense. Or we just don’t have the time to take social media on.

Social media is relationship technology. What we’re missing is the right mental model for using the tools in a mindful and purposeful way. Approaching it from the perspective of storytelling, personal branding and way-finding can transform these tools’ practical relevance.

With Michael, let’s explore the intersection of storytelling and social media:

  • Why can a narrative point of view shift your relationship to social media?
  • How does social media evolve the process of cultural consumption and creation?
  • What are the implications to branding your thought leadership and ideas?

Here’s the podcast: Social Media Storytelling

You can also download the podcast:  here.


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