Yi-Tan Call 279: The Flash War (summary)

One topic is frothy and interesting enough that we’re adding a special call this week to tackle it.

A year ago, Adobe’s Flash seemed to be on top of the world. Now, thanks to Steve Jobs’ direct assault (plus plenty of progress on HTML5 and other factors), Flash appears to be on its way down and out.

Of course, some think one walled garden isn’t much better than another. (For a more detailed description of what’s up, check Webmonkey’s post.)

Is this war really about crashiness and battery life, or is it about world domination?

With our observant friend Al Chang, let’s discuss:

  • What do parties other than Apple and Adobe think? What does this mean for the Web?
  • How might this play out? Does Android help Adobe? What about Ogg Theora?
  • Where do developers stand? customers? platform vendors?

Here’s the podcast: The Flash War

You can also download the podcast:  here.


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