Yi-Tan Call 278: Resource Sharing (summary)

The recent financial meltdown has taken some of the glow off nifty new luxury goods, and some of the stigma off re-using, gleaning and sharing resources.

Funny that the stigma should have to wear off. I’ve been reading Polanyi‘s The Great Transformation, which described (in 1944) how the market economy pushed aside many forms of sharing, such as reciprocity, redistribution and householding. But let’s save Polanyi for another call.

All of these forces pave the way for talking with Bay Area lawyer Janelle Orsi, the co-author of The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life and Build Community. (She also posts frequently on Shareable.net.)

With Janelle, let’s discuss:

  • What does a sharing economy look like? new livelihoods? new structures for ownership?
  • How do you create a culture of sharing in communities? How do you build trust?
  • Where might a strong resource-sharing movement take the current economy?

Here’s the podcast:  Resource Sharing

You can also download the podcast:  here.


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