Yi-Tan 272: Is Everything a Game? (summary)

You opened this email! +10 Yi-Tan points for you!

You can earn 50 points for reading this, or 100 points for watching each of these online videos:

  • On Big Think, Nicole Lazzaro describes how games teach values (and much more)
  • Jane McGonigal inspires TEDsters to make a better world through games
  • At DICE, Jesse Schell shows us the cold hard realities of the immersive game we’ll inhabit

And if you join us live on the call, double all your points! As Nicole would say, \o/ game on!

With Nicole, let’s discuss:

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of making everything a game?
  • How are games taking over your life? Or aren’t they?
  • Where is this force taking us? Is it a world you want to inhabit?

Here’s the podcast: Is Everything a Game? (summary)

You can also download the podcast here.


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