Yi-Tan Call 267: Google Buzz and Broadband (summary)

Google had a busy week! Toward the end of the week, they spent most of their time stamping out the fire caused by the irresponsible default settings in Buzz. We can talk a little about that.

But more interesting are the longer-term effects Buzz has in “socializing” email, and what “Think Big With a Gig” might mean for our broadband future. Don’t forget: Google also bought Aardvark, the social search engine.

Together, let’s discuss:

  • Whom does Buzz compete with? How does it fit with Wave and Talk?
  • What was Google thinking revealing our intimate mail details to everyone?
  • Might this broadband experiment be the start of a bigger movement?

Here’s the podcast: – Google Buzz and Broadband –

You can also download the podcast here.


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