Yi-Tan Tech 266: That iPad (summary)

OK, I’ll admit my bias up front: if Apple had called the iPad the iTouch Max(i), I would have called it a home run. They’re going to sell gobs of them, and eBooks and Netbooks better watch out. But for me they ruined the tablet category, or at least gave Android and ChromeOS developers a wide open door to deliver something more interesting than the iPhone interface on a big screen.

Then I talked with our perennial guest and perspicaceous friend Al Chang, whose nuanced analysis of why the iPad is just the right move for Apple will be the starting point of our discussion.

With Al, let’s discuss:

  • What choices did Apple make in delivering the iPad and why were they the right choices?
  • Who will buy one of these? What’s the compelling buying proposition?
  • Where might the tablet category go?

Here’s the podcast: Yi-Tan Tech 266 – That iPad – (summary)

You can also download the podcast here.


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