Yi-Tan Call 265: Encore Careers (summary)

Careers certainly aren’t what they used to be. Civic Ventures has been working to support people in a particular career transition: from the end of your “normal” career at age 55-65 into a “capstone” job that will likely make a social contribution.

To do this, Civic Ventures launched Encore Careers, a site that now features a Purpose Prize, fellowships and useful info, and that will soon have a suite of encore career services, from financial advice and coaching to resumes, job listings and support groups.

With David Bank, let’s discuss:

  • What do people go through in this transition? Where do they look?
  • Who is showing up? What clients? What related organizations?
  • Where are the biggest opportunities?

Here’s the podcast: Yi-Tan Call 265 – Encore Careers – (summary)

You can also download the podcast here.


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