Yi-Tan Call 261: Personal Kanban (summary)

Let’s get moving on the new decade! Time’s a-wastin’.
Many people use the New Year to set personal resolutions. A common one is getting more things done. (Remember our May 2008 GTD call with David Allen?)

Behold Personal Kanban, a way of seeing your work’s shape, cadence and flow, developed by longtime friend Jim Benson. Inspired by kanban/lean/agile methods, PK is tuned to personal productivity (there’s a team version we’ll tackle later).

To get the most from this call, open Jim’s SlideShare presentation. With Jim, let’s discuss:

  • What has publishing the PK site shown you? What’s still missing?
  • Where is the emerging PK community taking the concept?
  • What is the role of work in life? What does clarity give us?
  • Where do you think PK might go? What would you like to see happen?

Here’s the podcast: Yi-Tan Call 261: Personal Kanban (summary)


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