Yi-Tan Call 259: Acumen Fund (summary)

After decades of government aid programs, philanthropy, massive development projects and more, poverty and hunger are still rampant worldwide; water, sanitation and health are all scarce.

The Acumen Fund is one of the bright stars of a new model that blends venture capital with a longer-term approach to returns: so-called “patient capital.” Here’s a recent video of theirs.

With Sasha Dichter, Acumen’s director of business development, let’s discuss:

  • What returns do philanthropic investors expect? others?
  • How does patient capital foster innovative approaches?
  • What’s the “best available charitable option” anyhow?
  • What will it take to end poverty in our lifetimes?

Here’s the podcast: Yi-Tan Call 259:  Acumen Fund (summary)


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