Yi-Tan Call 254: High-Performance Organizations (summary)

Between social media, crowdsourcing, amateur participation, prize challenges, open content initiatives and other novel ways of coming together and taking action, the rules of getting things done on a large scale seem to be changing.

What does it mean to be a high-performance organization today? Is Wikipedia high-performance? Is it an organization?

Looking beyond the poster children of innovation (Apple, Google, Whole Foods), let’s dip into business (REI, Trader Joe‘s, Zappos), the Commons (PLoS, Arxiv.org) and the social sector (Acumen, Ashoka) for inspiration. Please think of your favorite examples.

Together, let’s discuss:

  • What organizations seem to be thriving these difficult days?
  • How are they different from others? What do they do that is special?
  • Can we derive any trends or lessons from observing the high performers?

Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 254 – High-Performance Organizations – (Summary Version)


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