Yi-Tan Tech Call 252 – Windows 7 – (Summary Version)

The official launch date for Microsoft’s redeemer operating system, Windows 7, is October 22. Are you throwing a launch party? (Have you seen the bleeped versions?)

In the MS-DOS days, I remember marveling at how an operating system that wasn’t useful unless you bought several other products (QEMM, NetWare, Norton) could win in the marketplace. But it did.

Somehow, Microsoft kept its momentum through Windows 3.1, NT, Win95, 98, 2000 and WinXP, until Vista caused general grumbling.

After struggling with Vista Ultimate for too long, I installed the Win7 beta and have been much happier. Sleep and wake-up happen quickly. Devices install transparently and actually work. Networking is much simpler. But what happens next?

Together, let’s discuss:

  • What really matters about Windows 7?
  • As things move to the cloud, are operating systems still needed? How long?
  • How do netbooks factor in?
  • When might we see the next step forward in OSes? From whom?

Yi-Tan Tech Call 252 – Windows 7 – (Summary Version)


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