Yi-Tan Call 250 – On Security and Risk – (Summary Version)

Say the word “security” and every person immediately has an idea of what you’re talking about. But security is different things to different people in different situations. There is no one grand unified security for all.

Security is many product categories: it’s a feeling you get returning home after a rough day, it’s a sub-category on your bank’s web site, it’s the assurance of a recent promotion. It’s almost-but-not-quite synonymous with stability, reliability, privacy; it’s engendered by trust and a sense of safety. And it’s never the same thing for very long.

Security professionals and ordinary mortals see security quite differently. Let’s ponder some of the trends in information risk and security, and understand what we can do for non-experts who would benefit if we designed products and services with security in mind.

But let’s also look outside of the box. What affects security in our daily, office-bound lives? What can we easily do to improve it, what can we easily do to undermine it? What kinds of security aren’t we thinking about at all, just because they haven’t occurred to us.

And not to sound Rumsfeldian, what about the stuff we don’t know about yet? What can we do to guard against getting into trouble in the future because of poor decisions made today?

With Stephan Somogyi, who generated these thoughts, let’s discuss:

  • What do security professionals see that normal folks don’t?
  • How can we broaden our view of security? Prepare for the unexpected?
  • What are the low-hanging fruits? The low-hanging beams? Can we fix them?

Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 250 – On Security and Risk – Summary Version


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