Yi-Tan Call 245: WaterCredit in East Africa (Summary Version)

April Rinne showed us how small loans are meeting major money markets in Microfinance Goes Macro.

Three months ago, she joined Water.org as their Director of WaterCredit, which puts microcredit tools to use in the water and sanitation sector.

April’s first trip in this new role was to East Africa, where she met with MFIs (microfinance institutions), NGOs and CBOs (Community Based Organizations) to gauge their interest in watsan (insider jargon for water & sanitation) projects. They’re interested.

She also saw a variety of urban, peri-urban (think slums and informal settlements) and rural water programs in action first-hand, and spoke with their clients.

With April, let’s discuss:

  • What is WaterCredit? How is lending for watsan work different from “traditional” microlending?
  • How did the various East African countries differ from a WaterCredit perspective?
  • What were your most eye-opening experiences on this trip?

Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 245 – WaterCredit in East Africa – (Summary Version)


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