Yi-Tan Call 243: Feedback Loops (Summary Version)

In the tech sphere, applications range from personal feedback devices like the Stress Eraser to community feedback systems like CureTogether and PatientsLikeMe, and probably some beyond (seen a Gaia Rebalancer, anyone?).

We’d like to have a few Yi-Tan calls on the topic of feedback loops. We have several topics in mind, but we’d really like to know what would resonate for you — we’d like your feedback!

All together, let’s explore:

  • What are the most successful examples of feedback you’ve seen?
  • How might feedback loops be used to solve big problems? Are they?
  • Why isn’t there more feedback in our lives? Why do we live so blithely unaware

Yi-Tan Call 243: Feedback Loops  (Summary Version)


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