Call 240: Living Life Inc. (Summary Version)

Are you concerned about our over-consumerized lives? About how corporations seem to have taken over so many aspects of our lives that used to be outside the commercial sphere, like entertaining one another after dinners at home?

In his latest book, Doug Rushkoff has taken aim at these intrusions and nails them squarely, going from very personal experiences of home to the origins of centralized currency.

We’ll dive into Doug’s book, but also into his role as a public intellectual and social critic. How can one offer constructive criticism (which doesn’t often sell as well as more light-hearted fare) and make a good living?

With Doug, let’s discuss:

  • What facets of Life Inc. have struck the biggest chord? What are the responses?
  • How have your views as a social critic evolved? Your role in society?
  • What business model would make the critic’s role sustainable?

Oh, and don’t miss the videos on Doug’s site or his appearance onstage with Colbert (and backstage).

Call 240: Living Life Inc.  (Summary Version)


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