Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 233 – Google Wave – (Summary Version)

This week at its developer’s conference, Google I/O, Google debuted Wave, a collaboration platform that promises much more than the oft-cited line “the future of email” implies.

Besides rethinking email (wasn’t it about time??) and changing its message-sending architecture, Wave folds in function after function, from instant messaging to media sharing, blogging and super-wiki live document editing.

The feature list is amazing (well worth the hour and 20 minute launch demo), but the topper is that it has plentiful developer APIs and the bulk of the code will be open-sourced. Other companies will be able to launch competitive offers that interoperate with Wave.

It’s a brainful. Together, let’s discuss:

  • What does Wave to do the competitive landscape for communication tools?
  • Is it really possible to move everyone to a new platform? Didn’t Groove and Notes try?
  • How might this change collaboration? What preconceptions does this shift?

Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 233 – Google Wave – (Summary Version)


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