Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 217 – Collapse? (Summary Version)

Was Fukuyama wrong? History does move on implacably.

Depending whom you talk to or what you read, we are now living through the end of the American Empire, our energy economy, free-range capitalism, the oceans as sources of food and more. Or not.

The current recession might last a couple of years, or it might last a decade or even lead to social and economic collapse.

With Mary Hodder, Bob Frankston and others, let’s put on our thinking caps and discuss:

  • How long will the subprime crisis last?
  • Can we substantially avoid the consequences of global warming?
  • What do the various models have in common?
  • What causes powerful nations to bite the dust? Ecosystems?
  • Which theories do you believe? Why?

I know. Thirty minutes doesn’t seem like much time for this. If this one goes well, we’ll revisit the topic, but not so often that we all need Zoloft. Meanwhile, here’s a reading list on boom-bust-collapse dynamics and accompanying theories:

Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 217 – Collapse? (Summary Version)


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