Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 206 – What Should Obama Do? – (Sumary Version)

Pretend Obama’s just made you Minister in Charge of Matters Technologickal, with a wide wide purview (but mercifully little authority). What would you recommend?

As you assemble your bullet points, note that our little community intersects with many people who are already busy on the Obama Transition team. Several have been our guest hosts. What would you tell them?

Together, let’s discuss:

* What are the right levers to pull? What’s the proper balance between regulation, incentives and direct investment?
* Where should we start? The most urgent initial steps to take?
* How might we transition from the “old” economy to the “new”? What does that mean?
* What should we learn from other countries?

Yi-tan Tech Community Call 206-What Should Obama Do-Summary Version


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